Kroger Skillet Meal Review

I’ve tried a similar skillet meal before and while they were tasty they were quite expensive.  Luckily, Krogers now has skillet meals and I’m pretty sure they have a few new fans at my house.
Wednesday before Thanksgiving we thought we would give the meals a chance, since we were so busy prepping and didn’t feel like taking a bunch of time to cook a good dinner.  We got the Penne with Grilled Chicken (2 bags), a bag of salad (that the grocery store said our coupons weren’t valid for the bag…) and a loaf of garlic bread.Image
I am able to put weight ankle but I can’t do a lot of standing still, luckily this was quick and easy.  Doesn’t take much time to open the bags, throw into the skillet, and in 10 minutes my kitchen was smelling AMAZING!!  The bag of salad I added dried cranberries, almonds, bacon, and cheese. But the lettuce was crisp and tasted fresh, not like a plastic bag and there was a lot!  Usually frozen garlic bread I need to add more butter and garlic before putting in the oven because it is rather bland, but this loaf I didn’t.
Two bags of the skillet meals fed four adults and a 1 year old. Madi ate pretty much every bite, leaving very little for Pepper clean up duty.Image
We will for sure be buying more of the skillet meals!


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